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Watch the video above to Unlock Love, Hope and Acceptance for those living with HIV. 



Unlock Love, Hope & Acceptance

The goal of this annual campaign is to shift the conversation. Engaging our community by inspiring empathy and giving hope and optimism is important to us, especially because it is a strong contrast to what people typically think about HIV/AIDS.

It is from this belief that we created Unlock Love, Hope and Acceptance – a campaign that contains Red Locks as the symbol for people to “unlock” something both physically and metaphorically deep within themselves, acknowledging the break down of our own preconceived judgments, re-educating ourselves and shifting to support people living with HIV.

HIV Awareness Week - Last week of November

World AIDS Day - December 1st

Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week - First week of December 


It has really shown me how strong of a person I am and what I can overcome.

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